Data Security for MariaDB and MySQL

What is MyDiamo?

MyDiamo is the first encryption solution to be seamlessly integrated with MySQL and MariaDB, giving users comprehensive database security features. Encryption functionality alone is not sufficient for protecting confidential data; managing access controls and the privileges that enable users to encrypt or decrypt data are of equal importance. MyDiamo utilizes not only encryption, but also access control, encryption/decryption privilege management, and auditing functions as features of its security mechanisms.

Although MyDiamo provides users with premium database security, it is distributed as freeware for personal use. Commercial licenses for enterprise use and technical support are also available. View a detailed license guide here

MyDiamo also performs very smoothly, even after encryption. Tests have shown that performance degradation is less than 7% after encryption. Check the performance comparison here


MyDiamo provides column-level encryption using trusted standard encryption algorithms (AES, TDES, etc.)
Column-level encryption provides context-aware encryption security. Also, since MyDiamo operates parallel to the DBMS engine it provides transparent encryption so that developers can make use of encryption without needed excessive application modifications. You can see our design concept video in more detail here.

MyDiamo provides one-way encryption, or keyed hash function, which is the safest way to protect authentication data. MyDiamo can also support partial encryption, allowing for indexing without performance degradation even after encryption.  Along with all of these encryption functions, MyDiamo also provides access control and audit functions for monitoring users that work with encrypted columns.  See the full list of features here.


MyDiamo provides various type of licenses. To check the licenses more detail, please visit here.



f you have more than 20 databases, or If you want to provide MyDiamo as a service, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supported Platforms

MyDiamo supports MySQL v5.1 and MariaDB v5.5 and above that are running on Linux and Windows OS. See the supported platforms in detail here

Demo Video

A demo video guide for easy MyDiamo installation and operation is available. See the video here 


If you have any question about MyDiamo, please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.